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Your Dental Practice’s Blueprint for Dental Procurement

Dental office supply management can be a daunting task. Juniper Services can help your dental practice manage supply inventory with an organized approach.

We offer a procurement blueprint for dental offices to follow, which includes the following:

  • Inventory Evaluation: It is important for dental offices to first evaluate their current supply inventory and get a good grasp on what products are currently in stock, how quickly certain supplies are used up, and when it’s time to order more.
  • Obtaining Quotes: It is good practice to continuously obtain quotes from suppliers to ensure you are getting the most quality product for your budget, even if your practice has been working with a handful of trusted suppliers for years.
  • Establishing a Consistent Ordering Process: Placing a dental supply order is a legal transaction between your office and the supplier. Keeping clear records of these transactions is key to ensuring your suppliers are accountable for the products they provide.
  • Receiving Orders: Inspection of each supply order is an important step to ensure products are in good shape and worthy of what your practice paid for them.
  • Paying: This is the final step in the procurement process after all steps have been taken to evaluate the efficacy of the supplier and its products and ensure the product is what you expected.

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