Juniper Services is happy to partner with multiple dental practices, and to help your practice grow through our business support services in Sparks, Nevada. We are currently partnered with the following dental practices and invite you to learn more about how we can partner with yours by calling us at 775-636-9939.

Great Basin Oral and Facial Surgery

At Great Basin Oral and Facial Surgery, our team of highly trained surgeons specializes in a wide range of oral and maxillofacial procedures. From wisdom teeth extractions to facial reconstruction, our experts are well-versed in hospital-based surgery and anesthesia administration techniques to provide comprehensive services.

Spanish Springs Family Dental

Spanish Springs Family Dental provides comprehensive high-quality dental services for the whole family. Each service is provided by a reliable family doctor, and have been a part of the community for years.

Elevated Orthodontics

Dr. Rodgers offers various orthodontic services in Sparksand Reno to help you fulfil your best smile while improving oral health. She and her team will help straighten your teeth with their years of combined experience.

Champagne Pediatric Dentistry

Champagne Pediatric Dentistry always helps make your child feel at ease with their fun-themed atmosphere and personal touch. We will go out of our way to ensure your child’s healthy smile.

Advanced Endodontics

Advanced Endodontics uses the latest industry standard practice and technology to minimize discomfort and healing time. A lot of the procedures like the root canal have evolved in the past decades, and modern technology makes these treatments faster and more painless than ever.

Champagne Family Dentistry South Meadows

Champagne Family Dentistry treats each individual like family by maintaining a comfortable environment where patients feel safe. Every aspect of your dental care is handled with precision and compassion.

Champagne Family Dentistry Sparks

Champagne Family Dentistry puts patient comfort and satisfaction first. Their goal is that each person achieves the healthy smile they deserve through the high-quality comprehensive dental services they have provided for over 40 years.

Northern Nevada Center for Orofacial Pain

Northern Nevada Center of Orofacial Pain is the only clinic in Nevada that is board-certified and residency-trained to treat orofacial pain, and can help you find relief to live a better quality of life.