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Customized Credentialing and Safety Compliance for Your Dental Practice

Enrolling your dental office providers into dental insurance plans requires a credentialing process in order for them to provide in-network services to patients. Juniper Services is here to help your dental office easily navigate this credentialing process.

Insurance plans credential providers by obtaining, verifying and reviewing the dentist’s professional qualifications to provide services. When the credentialing process is complete and the practitioner’s application for credentialing is approved, the dentist will be enrolled as an in-network provider, assuring patients that the provider has met the licensure and expertise required by the insurance plan.

Juniper Services will help you customize and implement your safety compliance program so that you can spend more valuable time providing treatment to your patients.

Our Customized Quality and Safety Programs include:

  • OSHA Compliance: meet federal and applicable state OSHA safety regulations through written documentation and OSHA training requirements.
  • HIPAA Compliance: get help to develop and implement HIPAA compliance policies and procedures at your practice to protect patient health information.
  • FDA Registration:receive assistance to determine if your business is required to register with the FDA.