Empowering Dentists to Deliver Exceptional Patient Experiences

Dr. Jason Champagne

Dr. Jason Champagne, a dedicated dentist with an unyielding passion for the field and is the visionary founder of Juniper Services. His love for dentistry and unwavering commitment to growth led him to establish Juniper Services, a platform dedicated to supporting and elevating dental practices across Northern Nevada and beyond.

Dr. Champagne’s remarkable journey in dentistry began with his graduation from The University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry in 2001. His strong educational foundation and a deep commitment to providing exceptional patient care set him on a path of professional growth. He successfully transformed a solo general dentistry practice into a thriving multi-practice enterprise, achieving an impressive sixfold increase in revenue. This extraordinary achievement reflects his dedication and tireless pursuit of excellence.

Dr. Champagne’s unparalleled passion for the dental field has also led him to assume the role of our Chief Experience Officer at Juniper Services. In this capacity, he continues to infuse his enthusiasm and expertise into every aspect of the organization, ensuring that the patient and provider experiences remain at the forefront of our mission. Welcome to Juniper Services, where Dr. Champagne’s passion and vision continue to drive us forward.