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Juniper Services Offers Dental Practices in Reno and Sparks, NV Comprehensive Business Development

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Juggling the many responsibilities of owning a dental practice can be daunting.

From managing patients and finances, to meeting regulatory requirements and keeping up with new dental marketing trends, staying relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world is extremely important to the success of a dental practice.

At Juniper Services, we know what dental practices are doing to be at the forefront in their communities, and the services we offer can help yours too.

We realize each dental practice we work with is unique. When we begin working with your practice, we will start by establishing business development goals and strategies for your practice using the following core values:

  • A commitment to clinical standards, patient care, and an environment and support system that positively impacts the working lives and goals of our partner dentists and their teams.
  • Our partner practices will be proud of their association with Juniper Services, feel supported and valued, and enjoy a greater sense of professional security and fulfillment.
  • Patient-Centered Care. We listen to and identify our partners’ needs to enable exceptional patient centered care.
  • Partnership. We work alongside and in collaboration with clinicians and their support teams.
  • Innovation and Evolution. Our culture encourages adaptability and creativity in order to better serve our partners.
  • All interactions are conducted with respect, professionalism, and integrity.
  • Trust and Transparency. We are true to our word and look out for the interests of our partners.
  • The professional and personal goals of our partners and employees are balanced against business needs.

Business Development Services

Juniper Services enables its partner dental practices to maximize the potential of their practices without compromising patient care. Our decades of operational experience in the dental and healthcare industries allows us to offer a wide and deep set of services to dental practices.

Human Resources
Juniper Services helps maintain and implement core human resources functions for dental practices, including writing clearly stated job descriptions, recruiting and retaining skilled employees, providing appropriate training, completing effective performance evaluations, defining current staffing requirements, and anticipating future hiring needs.

Whether it’s developing job descriptions, interviewing, hiring, evaluating job performance, or conducting reviews, Juniper Services can help guide dental practices to become familiar with federal and state laws concerning nondiscrimination in hiring, sexual harassment, employee benefits, and occupational safety.

Juniper Services will help dental practices with their training procedures by customizing clearly-defined training protocols for your practice, and showing dentistries how to implement these standards step by step. These steps will be the groundwork for training new dental staff members, cross training staff, and ensuring your employees remain accountable to these protocols over time.

From answering new patient calls to collecting overdue payments, your dental office staff should be consistently following protocols you have in place to address these tasks so that they are working more efficiently and collaboratively, and increasing the revenue of your practice.

We know that dental practices are in the business of growth. That is why Juniper Services offers its dental partner practices turnkey marketing services to rise above their competition.

From in-depth marketing plans to carefully customized branding and website development, you will have a dedicated team that manages your strategic planning, creative initiatives, and marketing coaching.

Billing and Collections
Dental billing and collections services can be one of the most time-consuming functions of a dental practice. We are pleased to provide our partner practices with billing and collection services so you are free to dedicate special attention to your dental patients.

The billing and collections services we will provide to our partner dental practices include:

  • Patient insurance verification
  • Managing and sending member statements
  • Insurance claim submissions
  • Posting all insurance payments
  • Entry of benefits into practice software
  • Insurance fee schedule entry

Credentialing and Compliance
A dental credentialing process is required to enroll your dental office providers into dental insurance plans and for them to provide in-network services to patients. Juniper Services is here to help your dental office easily navigate this credentialing process.

Adhering to a dental safety compliance program is imperative for dental offices to run more efficiently and become profitable. However, setting up and maintaining a safety program can cost your dental practice time and money.

Juniper Services will help you customize and implement your dental safety compliance program so that you can spend more valuable time providing treatment to your patients.

Information Technology
Information Technology for dental practices is crucial to the daily operations of a dental office. Juniper Services offers its partner practices comprehensive dental IT support, from monitoring network servers to offering software support.

To keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly, our dedicated IT resources will support your dental office’s computer operations, networks, internet access, phone systems, phone lines, digital imaging equipment, dental practice management software and more.

Dental office supply management can be a challenging task. Juniper Services can help your dental practice manage supply inventory with an organized approach.

We offer a procurement blueprint for dental offices to follow, including inventory evaluation, obtaining quotes, establishing a consistent ordering process, receiving orders, and paying.

Contact Juniper Services today to see how we can help you better manage the business development of your dental practice with the comprehensive dental business development services we offer.